Workers Guide to Sports and Outdoor Centres in Spain

Map of Spain

For Outdoor and Adventure Sports in Spain the centres and therefore jobs tend to be in the Mountainous Northern and far Southern regions. Climbing, Mountaineering, Skiing, and Horse-riding businesses employ thousands each year. Obviously the climate and nearly five thousand kilometers of coastline means Watersports are a common way to work a sports summer. The surfing and sailing is at its most extreme on the Atlantic coast but believe it or not the Med has humbled many a cocky surfer!

Football is huge in Spain but its tough to break into for work unless you find a British organization operating over here. Having said that, if you can get a sports related job in Spain you won’t regret it because the people tend to be open and friendly and have a soft spot for English football. A strong South American influence on the game, and with many South American countries a common language adds to a high technical standard of play which any budding football coach would benefit from ahead of a career in the sport.