Workers Guide to Sports and Outdoor Centres in France

Map of France

In France you can learn, teach and participate in just about any outdoor, water or traditional sport you can think of. There are several large scale British operations and great many more small companies operating outdoor centres in France who need lots of English speaking staff each year. There are also of course thousands of French sports clubs and businesses who employ instruction, monitor and support staff but its tough for a foreigner to get beyond the menial roles – not that there is anything wrong with a menial job, it usually means lots more time out on the water, field or slopes!

If you want waves then pretty much anywhere on the West Coast is where you should head (from Brittany all the way down to Biarritz). For Mountains there is the Alps and Pyrenees but don’t ignore the Massif Central and Jura regions which boast spectacular remote settings and house a surprising number of outdoor sports centres.

Football is popular all over the country really but the South is big on its rugby. Its not at all unusual for French rugby clubs to have plenty of foreign players.

Read on in this section to get first hand reviews on the endless parts of this fantastic country that you can combine work and sport.

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